Slough Children's University Information

Introduction to Children’s University

Marish Academy Trust is proud to be part of the Children’s University, a national framework for accrediting and recognising learning that happens out of school hours. We offer children of all age groups, abilities and interests the opportunity to learn and develop skills, beyond the classroom, with our exceptional range of extra-curricular activities.
Children aged 7-14 are eligible to join the Children’s University scheme and are awarded credits for attending activities outside of school hours, these credits accumulate in pupils earning a national award and attending a graduation celebration. Our clubs are specifically designed to ‘create a platform upon which young people can recognise and explore their potential as learners’, with activities ranging from cookery, basketball, Latin dance, yoga, astronomy, choir, computing and math’s, to name but a few. 
These activities run for 10 weeks and are refreshed every term so our pupils benefit from exploring new hobbies, activities and friends each term. A nominal fee is charged for each club activity. 
Club accumulated credits/hours result in the following awards:
Bronze 30 hrs
Silver 65 hrs
Gold 100 hrs

Find out more about the CU Clubs currently running at Marish Primary School: