Space science week


The children really enjoyed the experience and have learnt alot about some  of the planets and how they move.

Sakina: I liked when I saw the shiny sun and how big it was.

Zuzanna: I liked learning about the people who had traveled to the moon.

Abdullah: I liked all the pictures in the space dome and liked how they all moved around.

We also liked seeing all the different moons around some of the planets.

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pizza face

In the Spring Term Year 1 were focusing on instructions in Literacy. For this the children chose their own ingredients and decorated a pizza face. The children had a selection of toppings they could choose from. After making their pizzas the children wrote their instructions on how their pizza was made.

farm to fork

Our trip to Tesco for Farm to Fork. Here the children at the cheese counter looking at the different types of cheese. We counted how many different colours of cheese we could see and then tasted 5 different types of cheese. We tried blue stilton cheese, smoke cheese, cheese with cranberries, brie and cheddar cheese.













In maths the children were measuring how far they could jump. The children were working in pairs jumping and recording how far they could jump. The children were encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary to see who could jump the furthest, whos jump was the longest or shortest.


In the Autumn Term year 1 created hand puppets in DT. Parents were invited in to help the children sew around the edges of their puppets. The children then cut different pieces of felt to dress their puppets.





This is a picture of a child practicing her number formation using large chalk and drawing the numbers outside on the playground. This was practiced at the beginning of the year before writing numbers in our books.


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