Year 5 2015/2016

 Space science week 

5N enjoyed the amazing astronaut adventure. Two lucky children got to try on the SOKUL spacesuit. All the children were inspired and enjoyed learning about the space suit and how each part works to protect the astonaut. They were surprised by how heavy the suit was especially when they found out that it was only a quarter of the actual weight of the one that Tim Peake wears.

Mrs Newton


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Space Case Investigations


5N have really enjoyed working with different materials and testing them to see which materials would be suitable for Space Rockets.

They completed 4 different experiments.

1) Electrical Conductivity, 2) Thermal Conductivity, 3) Mass and magnetic attraction and finally 4) The ‘bounce’ test.

All the children enjoyed the investigations and were able to draw sensible conclusions.

Mrs Newton

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Year 5 – Amazing Anderson Shelters

5N have worked incredible hard and show their creative flair in their Spring Term Projects. I have been amazed at the caliber of the projects that are being produced. Well done Y5!

Mrs Newton


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Investigating Martian Soil – with our Space Ambassador.

A big thank you to Joy Stone for her work with Y5 staff and pupils for making our Friday 11th March investigations such an enjoyable experience.

It was a real pleasure to see the enthusiasm, excitement and determination shown by the pupils as they carried out the experiments and made their discoveries.

We will be continuing our investigations into “Martian Soils”. We are looking forward to her next visit in June with the Sokol spacesuit. 

Bernie Newton – Science Lead


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Mars Rover  Landing Investigation – 5N’s Challenge: 

Y5 pupils enjoyed the challenge of designing and creating their own space vehicles. They designed their vehicles ensuring that they could slow down its decent to protect their astronaut.

Out of the 6 groups – 5 were successful. 5 of the ‘egg’ astronauts landed safely, with one sustaining slight damage!

Bernie Newton

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Relative distance of Planets from the Sun.

5N completed the Toilet Roll challenge to work out the distances of planets from the Sun – we worked on the scale of 1 sheet of toilet paper = 58000000 Km.

These photos show how close Mercury is to the Sun compared with Pluto (Dwarf Planet). We had a lot of fun working out the distances!

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Space science week

5P have really enjoyed learning about the SOKUL space suits and trying them on. The children have really been inspired by our topic Space and it has created engagement and interest in the subject. The children have commented that they were inspired through working with our Space Ambassador and the activities they took part in.

Mr Parkin.

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