The Year 2 children were very fortunate to visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London as part of their Creative Curriculum topic on ‘Night-Time’ in March. The children visited one particular sector of the Royal Museums, the Royal Observatory. The visit was highly successful as the children were exposed to a more hands on science experience. The visit enabled them to grasp difficult scientific concepts in a fun and enjoyable manner.

The learning involved looking at the role of astronauts in studying the night-time sky. The children were also learnt how telescopes had developed over time.

Also, part of the visit involved participating in a show about the solar system, called ‘Space Safari’. The show enhanced the children’s knowledge and understanding about the various features of the different planets within the solar system.

On the whole the visit was a memorable and enjoyable one.




As part of out topic on ‘Chocolate’, Year 5 visited Cadbury World in Birmingham. We saw how chocolate bars were wrapped and packaged, where chocolate came from and how Cadbury’s started. Most excitingly, we also had a chance to taste some chocolate as we walked around. As many year 5 pupils have said, “We had a choctastic time!” Check out our photo gallery here.


In March, Year 5 visited Colne Valley Park as part of their topic about ‘Big and Small’. We enjoyed wading in the river to measure how big it was and how quickly it was travelling. We also used the natural resources around to produce our own art work inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy. We had a great time and enjoyed the trip a lot as can be seen in all the smiling faces!

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