Our Learning

 At Willow, we aim to have a fun and exciting curriculum in a stimulating environment. Through the delivery of our curriculum subjects we promote pupil’s spiritual, moral and cultural development and provide learning opportunities for our pupils in our local area and through extended learning. We have a creative curriculum which means that our subjects are all based around a topic which motivates and enthuses our pupils. We include termly trips and workshops wherever possible to broaden our pupils’ skills through interactive activities and from learning from subject specialists. Have a look at which topics Willow pupils will be studying this year.

Curriculum overview 2018-2019 (1)
Curriculum Overview 2019-20 (3)

Curriculum Expectations

Each subject is given an allocated amount of time. Please see our subject coverage below.


  • 6 and half hours literacy- including 4 daily hours, 1hr and 15 minutes guided reading each week and 1 hr and 15minutes Big Writing on Friday.
  • 1 and half hours phonics per week
  • 5 hours Maths
  • 1 hour discrete science
  • 1 and a half hours PE
  • 1 hour ICT
  • 45minutes- 1 hour  Music
  • 1 hour total R time and PSHE
  • 1 hour RE
  • 4 hours for Art/DT and History/Geography as part of creative curriculum


  •  6 and half hours literacy- one hour per day plus three guided reading sessions and Big Writing
  • 5 hours Maths
  • 1.5-2 hours Science
  • I hour ICT
  • I hour RE
  • 1 hour French
  • Half an hour R time
  • 8.1 hour PSHE
  • 9 2 hours PE
  • 10 1 hour music
  • 4.5 hours for ART/DT and History/ Geog as part of creative curriculum.
  • Curriculum Letters
  • These are sent out every half term to explain what will be covered in class. Please click on the links to view them.
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