Stay at home, stay safe, stay in touch-

-your sixth weekly update from Marish Academy Trust.

As we approach the end of the eighth week of school closure and of the lockdown, we now have some idea of the way forward and the recovery plan the government has devised. Home schooling remains a necessity for all for the next few weeks and for all primary year groups except years 1 and 6 and EYFS into June.  As predicted, social distancing and all sorts of other precautions will be part of the ‘new normal’ even when schools return.

The link below will take you to the government guidance about returning to school:

The Marish Academy Trust Team are looking forward to welcoming Year 1, Year 6 and EYFS pupils back to both schools from Monday 1st June. Willow Primary School will reopen that day and pupils in those year groups must return to their home school. The schools will also continue to cater for the children of key workers and those who are vulnerable for whatever reason.  Over the next couple of weeks, when you receive our keeping in touch phone call, staff will ask you to confirm that your children in Year 6, Year 1 and EYFS will be returning on 1st June. This is so we can make plans based on actual numbers, rather than just guesswork.

Do consult the list of key workers online to see if you meet the criteria and also your employer if in doubt. If you believe that you are a key worker, please ring the Marish school office to confirm a place in school for your child.

In the meantime, the resources on the home learning pages are updated regularly, so please check them at least weekly. The latest newsletter attests to the fact that many children are engaging in learning at home, but if you are struggling in any way with this, contact us using the usual email addresses above.

Please do not hesitate to ask, if your personal circumstances make it difficult for you to get out to the shops to buy food and other essentials. At Marish and Willow, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure no one goes hungry during the lockdown.

Every week of the lockdown, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to support you. Together we can get through this.

 Take care and keep in touch, Mrs Denham, the staff team, governors and trustees.

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