Stay at home, stay safe, stay in touch-

-your third weekly update from Marish Academy Trust.

At Marish and Willow, we believe in doing ‘whatever it takes’. So, in many ways our transformation over the last three weeks into a community support team, is not so different from what we do in an average week to meet needs.

However, instead of delivering children to school each day, our minibuses have been commandeered to deliver almost 200 food parcels of grocery essentials to families across Slough. (And, these are not any food parcels, these are Marish Academy Trust food parcels!)

Instead of delivering lessons to classrooms bulging with children, staff have been working at home, supporting parents with home learning and uploading educational resources to the website. Most importantly however, instead of interacting with our school community in person, we have telephoned every family with a child at our Trust schools each week, with the offer of help and just a listening ear.

The holidays are here now, but how strange they are. Marish School remains open for the children of key workers and a few others. Willow children and indeed any others in our locality, whose parents are key workers are welcome at Marish. If you need this provision for your child and haven’t taken it up already, please call the Marish School office on 01735 819900 or contact usual emails above.

Today, Tuesday 7th April and over the next couple of days, we will be making the final food parcel drop, before the Easter weekend. If your circumstances have changed and your family now needs help with groceries, please tell the staff member who calls you.

Vouchers from the government-funded scheme will be available and sent out to those eligible for Free School Meals from Monday 20th April, but unsurprisingly the system is experiencing demand. In any case, for many of you the issue is getting out to get provisions. We have therefore decided to continue with food parcels for at least one more delivery, probably beginning on Monday 20th April.

Any new updates or resources will be uploaded to this page or the home learning pages regularly, so watch this space.

Take care and keep in touch, Mrs Denham, the staff team, governors and trustees.

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