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Circus Workshop 2019

Egyptian Workshop 2019

Willow hosted an Egyptian Workshop as part of our Year 2 Curriculum. Our students learnt all about what life was like back in ancient Egypt in this immersive workshop. They worse themed costumes throughout the day.

Mike Mullin Bike Stunt Show 2019

Mike Mullin attended Willow for the day to show us all some amazing BMX skills. He really inspired us all to get active, get outside and get on our bikes. 

Girls Netball Team 2019

Congratulations to our Girls Netball Team for a fantastic season.

PGL France 2018

Our year 6 student’s had an amazing leavers holiday at PGL France. They put their teamwork and courage skills to the test by participating in a wide range of outdoor activities including trapeze, archery and sensory trail. They also went on an excursion to the Eiffel Tower and Disney Land.

Children's University Graduation 2018

Congratulations to our Children’s University graduates who attended over 100 hours of after school clubs. In celebration we held a Graduation ceremony and our students were awarded special certificates for their achievement.