Christmas 2020

Thank you Video 2020

Year 2 Egyptian Workshop 2020

Year 3 Circus Workshop 2019

Willow 2019 graduation

This years graduation ceremony took place at LGS on Friday 28th June. Kristian from Year 6 was this years Denham cup winner.Congratulations to all the children who received certificates for their hard work.

8th Slough Children's University Graduation

The 8th Slough Children’s University Graduation took place on 5th July at Langley Grammar school.Children who had acquired more than 100 learning hours were invited to the ceremony.Congratulations to all the children.

Y6 Design & Technology Project 2018

Year 6 have been creating memory cushions in design technology. In order to create these, they had to carefully design their logos, pictures, and slogans before producing their final version on a cotton square. The children then practiced their running stitch to sew the cotton and felt together after stuffing it with wool. Each pupil created their own unique design that portrayed their best memories of school. Well done year 6, great work and now a wonderful keepsake for you to cherish.

PGL 2018

The aim of PGL is to inspire, motivate and challenge pupils, to raise aspirations, build their confidence and support their achievement. Each day brings a new adventure and the chance to try something new with the encouragement of their friends bringing them back more inspired and eager to learn – even walking a little taller! Our year 5,6 pupils visited the PGL Centre at Paris this year.The children took part in PGL activities (rock climbing, abseiling, archery and other activities), visited the Eiffel Tower and spent a whole day at Disneyland Paris.

Zoolab visit-EYFS & Year 1

We recently had a visit from the Zoolab who brought some very interesting animals. They brought a millipede, a tarantula, a gerbil, a snake and a giant land snail. The presenter taught the children some facts about the animals. All the children got a chance to stroke and hold the animals, providing them with a unique learning experience.

Real-life Roman soldier

5N were excited and amazed to meet a real-life Roman soldier (Mr White). Mr White gave us an insight into what it was like to be a Roman soldier. He showed us some real armour, swords and helmet. We had a great afternoon! Thank you, Miss Haslett.

Science Week 2018

Science Week Children in 5N had a lot of fun celebrating Science Week by dressing up as Mad Scientists. A lot of thought and creativity went into their outfits! Well Done 5N. Mrs Newton

Book day 2018

Children and staff at Willow dressed up as their favourite book character to celebrate World Book Day. The best-dressed children were awarded a book voucher.There were activities based on books and reading throughout the day. A celebration assembly was held where teachers read their favourite stories to the children.

PJ Day 2018

Willow School Council organised a fundraising event, Pyjama Day, on 23rd February. It was a huge success and it was fantastic to see so many children and staff dressed up in their pyjamas and taking part in activities throughout the day. Thank you to all the parents and staff who donated a £1.A whopping £400 was raised by the School Council.This money will be spent on playground resources for the children.

Willow Year 3 Eton workshop assembly

Parents were invited to a class assembly based on a recent workshop children in Year 3 attended at Eton college.In this assembly, children showcased their learning using pictures.It was lovely to see so many parents who came to encourage their children.

 Year 3 visit to Eton College January 2018

Year 3’s Volcano Workshop at Eton College was an exciting and enriching experience. We learnt more about how rocks are formed and how volcanoes work. Furthermore we are looking into other activities with support from Eton College in the Summer Term.

Christmas party 2017

Each year group at Willow hosted Christmas parties to ring in the festive season and New year. Children enjoyed a bring and share snack followed by some dance and fun games. After a lot of hard work, it was finally time to enjoy the Christmas festivities!

Black Park 2018

Today Year 2 visited Black Park. The children went on a learning walk to see which micro-habitats they could find, having been studying them throughout the Spring Term. The children also looked at plant life and growth which is their upcoming topic. Both the children and adults had a brilliant time and discovered lots of nature all around them.

Part in Astronomy Club

A lucky group of children have been able to take part in Astronomy Club. This is what they had to say: I really enjoyed Astronomy Club because we had snacks, chatted with our friends, made power points, looked through the telescope and learnt about Space! My favourite part was looking through the telescope. I enjoyed learning about constellations and black holes. Aaliyah Wadi 5N I really liked Astronomy Club because I learnt about Space. The best part was using the Night Sky app on the ipad to see the constellations and the planets. Gracie Edwards 5Q I enjoyed learning about the Solar System. Astronomy Club was fun! My favourite part was when we made the solar system from card and hung the planets on string. Sakina 3P My most enjoyable part of Astronomy Club was identifying the constellations like the Big Dipper. The most facinating part was when we created our amazing powerpoints about black holes, planets and stars. Nadia 4C Mrs Newton

Visited the Gurdwara in Slough

Year 4 at Willow visited the Gurdwara in Slough on Wednesday 6th December. The Gurdwara held a workshop which included activities such as a tour of the most important parts of the Gurdwara, a turban tying exercise, a Q & A session with a religious leader who also explained what the 5 Ks were that he wears, as well as an opportunity to eat a free lunch there – thereby participating in the Sikh practice of Langar! When entering the Gurdwara, the Sikh community cover their heads. Therefore, the Gurdwara provided both adults and children with something to cover their heads. The trip also allowed the children to make links with their learning and the real life experience of exploring the Gurdwara, having learnt about the Sikhism faith already this year.

Marish and Willow KS1 choirs

Charlie and team took Marish and Willow KS1 choirs to perform as part of a massed choir with the other school choirs of Slough. This project takes a huge amount of work and practice. It’s wonderful though and the children get to experience performing professionally, in a venue, for a large audience. Thank you so much for all the people working with the singing, supporting the concerts and especially for Mr Booth who has led this brilliantly. Gillian Dibden (a very well established and successful choral leader) has commented on how lucky we are to have Mr Booth leading music for us at Marish and Willow

Drumming workshop

Mr Smith led an amazing drumming workshop with 5N. The children thoroughly enjoyed it!

4C took part in a URENCO workshop

This afternoon 4C took part in a URENCO workshop. The children had great fun taking part in various experiments. These ranged from sorting various items dependent on their size, spotting the difference between, crystals, powders and grains and testing for different acid and alkali solutions. Dr Ken (the workshop leader) was very enthusiastic in his delivery of the workshop and interacted with the children throughout the afternoon (throwing in the odd joke here and there).

Year 6 Slough Gurudwara visit

Year 6 across both schools when to visit a local gurdwara called  Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. Marish went in the morning and Willow went in the afternoon. This is what Willow did – once we reached the Gurdwara, Nirmal Singh came to receive us. He explained that we had to cover our heads with scarves (which they provided to those who did not bring any themselves), take our shoes off and wash our hands. And the reasons why we did all those things. We had langar (free vegetarian food) which was delicious. After this we were divided into 3 groups of 20 children each, and we went to see the kitchen where we saw the huge pots and pans used to cook. We walked into the ‘walk-in fridge’ which was a small room, very very cold. This is used to keep milk cool. We then went upstairs to see the Sikh holy book called Guru Granth Sahib ji. There was a lady reading from it. Mrs Dhillon and few other Sikh children went and bowed in front of the Guru Granth Sahib ji. After this we went into another room where Nirmal Singh explained the 5 K’s and about the Golden Temple in India.  Finally a couple of children had a turban tied on their heads. It was a lovely experience and we learned alot.

Year 2 Egyptian Day

Year 2 at Willow dressing up and enjoying Egyptian Day last week – we baked Egyptian flatbread, translated hieroglyphics, practiced Egyptian dancing and many more fun activities.

Nursery Graduation

The Nursery children graduated to start Reception in September! It was a very lovely day and I am very proud of how well the children did! Miss Meeking

Year 6 trip to Longridge Activity Center

Year 6 had an amazing trip to Longridge Activity Center. They successfully tackled activities such as: the Climbing Wall, Water Orbing, Lazer Quest and Dragon Boating! A fabulous way to end the year. Year 6 Team

Y5 Enrichment Day

Y5 teams from Marish and Willow had an amazing enrichment day at Upton Court Grammar school. They worked in teams to solve maths challenges and produced excerpts from Shakespear. Our children outdid themselves, with Willow Y5s achieving 1st place the Maths Challenge and Marish Y5s achieving 3rd place. All the children had a lot of fun and the parents were very proud of them.

Year 1 Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

On Monday the 10th of July Year 1 were rewarded with a trip to Whipsnade Zoo for their outstanding achievement in Phonics this year. The children have worked very hard on their phonics and this was a successful trip. All the adults and children thoroughly enjoyed seeing the different animals.

7th Slough Children’s University Graduation

On Friday 7th July,100 children from Marish Primary in Langley and Willow primary in Wexham were invited to Langley grammar school to graduate with honours for completing 100 hours or more of voluntary learning outside school hours. This was the 7th year of graduation organised as part of the Slough Children’s University. Children’s University is an international initiative about honouring and celebrating achievements of children who participate in extended learning. Pupils at both school automatically become a member of Slough Children’s University when they join the school and all their extended learning hours are recorded each year. One of the Year 6 Marish pupil Myeisha graduated with 953 hours and received the Bronze Fellowship, as well as a cup for outstanding commitment to the Children’s University. Jakub at Willow received a trophy for completing 232 hours and a Bronze Diploma. Mr.John Constable, Head Teacher of Langley Grammar school handed out the trophies and certificates and spoke to pupils and parents about how extended learning is important to develop well rounded personalities and that is what good Universities look for in their candidates. Friends and family who were all at the venue cheered this Class of 2017. Marish Academy Trust firmly believes, initiatives like these motivate children to become life-long learners.

SATs breakfast at Willow

Well done to all the y6 children 🙂 SATs are over! Glad so many of you joined us for a delicious SATs breakfast!! Year 6 team.

Willow's Got Talent 2017

Willow hosted it’s very first talent show this year which was open to Y3,4,5&6 pupils.There were lots of entries and children performed really well.Here are some pictures from the event.

Red Nose Day Friday 24 March 2017

Willow children came dressed as ‘ What I want to be when I grow up’ in aid of raising funds for Red Nose Day on Friday 24 March.Thank you to all who made the £1.00 donation.

Reception and Y1 Bike Ability sessions

Children from Reception and Y1 enjoyed their Bike Ability sessions. They learn to balance and control their bikes. Mrs Beyzade

Book week PJ storytelling

Lots of eager children turned up for our fun story telling evening. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and happy smiling faces were seen throughout the hall! Well done to all the Teachers for their storytelling skills!​

Y6 Trip to the Zoo

Y6 had a wonderful time at Whipsnade Zoo. We were lucky to see the Willow girafe, the elephants, the penguins and we got to stroke a snake! It was an amazing day out and we were complimented on our children’s behaviour. Mrs Newton

Wycombe Wanderers EFL Cup Competition

On Thursday 1st December Marish and Willow participated in their first ever Wycombe Wanderers EFL Cup Competition. Marish Academy Trust entered four mixed Year 5&6 teams for this tournament, two teams from Willow and two teams from Marish. With 14 teams in the event and only two teams from each group progressing to the semi final and the eventual winners earning the opportunity to play at Wembly Stadium. Marish and Willow faced a variety of tough opposition. All teams registered points on the board, with Marish A team so close to progression after coming 3rd in Group A after two wins, 1 draw and 2 loses. A Massive well done to all that participated. The children involved received 2 free tickets each to a Wycombe Wanderers FC home match at Adams Park.

Outstanding work EYFS 2016/2017

This term in EYFS we are learning about Rockets & Spaceships.

Outstanding work Year 1 2016/2017

This term in Year 1 we are learning about African prints.

Outstanding work Year 2 2016/2017

This term in Year 2 we are learning about Houses from the Past & Present.

Outstanding work Year 3 2016/2017

This term in Year 3 we are learning about the Circus!

Outstanding work Year 5 2016/2017

This term in Year 5 we are learning about London and it’s landmarks.

Outstanding work Year 6 2016/2017

This term in Year 6 we are working around the theme Our Planet, Our Future

PE lessons

Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 have been focusing on a range of fundamental skills this term. Autumn Term 1 – Movement Patterns and One Leg Balance Autumn Term 2 – Dynamic Balance to agility and Static Balance Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 have been focusing on improving their skills in a range of sports. Autumn Term 1 – Tennis (Forehand, Backhand and Serve) Autumn Term 2 – Athletics (Running, Jumping and Throwing)​

Sportshall Athletics

Friday 18th November 2016 The children enjoyed a day at Herschel Grammar, where they participated in events such as Javelin, Chest Push, Long Jump, Relay Races, Vertical Jump and Triple Jump.

Tag Rugby Festival Wednesday 16th November 2016

Marish 3 v 4 Holy Family Willow 2 v 5 Holy Family Marish 6 v 2 Willow

Parlaunt Park 7 v 0 Willow

Thursday 10th November 2016 Parlaunt Park 7 v 0 Willow Willow’s first game this year didn’t quite go to plan as a very strong Parlaunt Park team played very well and after a difficult first half the boys from Willow showed great fighting spirit to make a game of it in the second half.

Year 5 & 6 Girls Football Tournament Pictures - Friday 30th September

Well done to all the girls that took part in the SSSN girls football tournament. We had over 180 girls take part from 18 different schools.

Willow Halloween Disco 2016

The Willow Halloween Disco took place on Friday 21st October. It was a sold out event enjoyed by pupils,parents and staff alike.This fund raising event that had been organised by PEAS, our parental engagement steering group at school run by Mr Meakin and Mr Rossiter raised a whopping £244.00. Proceeds will be invested in enhancing learning for our pupils.Thank you to all who participated and helped with the event.

Year 6 Gurdwara trip

Year 6 Gurdwara trip on Monday 17th November. They went to Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Slough, this is a Sikh temple. They walked there as its so near. They went on this trip because they have been learning about Sikhism in RE. They were able to see what they had learned in class in person at the Gurdwara. They were told about how the Gurdwara works and why they do things the way they do. The main principles of Sikhism were explained and children enjoyed taking part in workshops and few children were very lucky to have a turban put on, along with My Sinclair. They ended the trip by having a delicious langar meal.

Science workshop 4OS

The children had such a great time with this experiment. They got very excited watching the crystals / salt turning to different colours . The children were great at taking turns and showing each other the crystals turning colours .

Summer holidays projects

\’We are really proud of all of the children who worked on these amazing projects with their families over the summer holidays. They look absolutely wonderful! We would love to see even more next time. Keep up the good work Willow.\’

6th Slough Children's University Graduation at Langley Grammar school

Children from Marish and Willow who had achieved Gold Award and above (100 + learning hours) were invited to this year’s graduation ceremony. There were some exciting performances by children from both schools and inspiring speeches by Mr. John Constable (Head-LGS) and Mrs. Christine Small (Governor-Marish). Children graduated amongst huge applause from parents and friends. Congratulations to all graduates.

PGL June 2016

Day 1: We arrived safely after a long journey, all the children were extremely well behaved throughout. Once we arrived and the excitement had slightly worn off, we had dinner and enjoyed an evening of orienteering. All were tucked up in bed by 9.30pm. Day 2: All the children appreciated my wake up call at 7am, breakfast consumed and we headed to Cite des Sciences (Science Museum). On our way back we got a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, sung some songs and had some magic tricks from Mr Meakin. The rest of the day and night will involve some free time, swimming, dinner and our evening entertainment. Day 3: The children have had another fantastic day, the morning started with a trip to the local village as the children took in the sights and mixed with the locals in the Brie Comte Robert market, their mission which they chose to accept was to buy enough ingredients to feed their team for lunch. We then headed back to campus with our next mission in hand, which was to prepare lunch!. You will see from the pictures below just how fantastic their efforts were, a wonderful surprise. We then all headed back to our rooms to throw on our old clothes and meet down by the activity headquarters. What lay in store for us…. Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Archery and 4 Team Challenges. We are now heading to dinner and will be having a disco tonight as this is our last evening here, (Sad face emoji), however, they will go to bed this evening with the thoughts and dreams of Euro Disney tomorrow. All your prince and princesses are safe and sound and they all still love you lots. See you soon Mr Meakin Ps. We have more photos on Twitter @MarishtrustPE and the full catalogue of pictures will be updated on both websites and TV’s once we are home. We will update you again tomorrow and continue to enjoy your peace and quiet

Nursery's Farm Visit

The children were really excited to participate in Millers Ark Animals visit. They learnt about different animals that live on the farm and had an opportunity to stroke and touch them too. Mrs Wegrzyn.

4O ‘Fairtrade Coffee’ morning

Year 4 have been learning about fair trade and the important difference it makes in the lives of farmers in the developing world. On Friday, 20th May, their parents were invited to a ‘Fairtrade Coffee’ morning which was held outside in the school quad. They had the opportunity t to sample some of the tasty treats the children had made, drink some fair trade tea and coffee and find out about what ‘fair trade’ means. Even though it threatened to rain, a fantastic time was had by all!

4O Making 3D models

The children have also enjoyed making 3D models using modelling materials.

4O Role play

4O have created their own story maps, and role play(conscience alley and freeze frames) from when we studied Varjak Paw.

4W have had really good fun taking part in these activities:

– Makin model teeth in science. – Making a tree full of our own personal goals for the future. – Turban tying on the Y4 Gudwara visit. – Y4 Dentist visit (brushing model teeth) – Y4 Maths fractions jigsaw lesson. The children really enjoyed these activities and produced amazing work! Miss Ward.

Outstanding work - Reception

The children loved experiencing the Space Dome. They learnt a lot about Space and produced some really good writing about what they had seen 🙂

Outstanding Work - EYFS

This term we have been exploring our new Big Dig area outdoors where children have been searching for dinosaur bones. Children are learning how to operate ICT equipment, they are also recording their voices. The Ice cream parlor is our new role play area where children expand their interest in holidays, summer. The children have an opportunity to have a ride in the Ice Cream Van and sell the ice cream. On our learning wall display, we have photos of our recent home projects. Mrs Wegrzyn

Space science week 5P

5P have really enjoyed learning about the SOKUL space suits and trying them on. The children have really been inspired by our topic Space and it has created engagement and interest in the subject. The children have commented that they were inspired through working with our Space Ambassador and the activities they took part in. Mr Parkin.

Space Case Investigations

5N have really enjoyed working with different materials and testing them to see which materials would be suitable for Space Rockets. They completed 4 different experiments. 1) Electrical Conductivity, 2) Thermal Conductivity, 3) Mass and magnetic attraction and finally 4) The ‘bounce’ test. All the children enjoyed the investigations and were able to draw sensible conclusions. Mrs Newton​

Investigating Martian Soil - with our Space Ambassador.

A big thank you to Joy Stone for her work with Y5 staff and pupils for making our Friday 11th March investigations such an enjoyable experience. It was a real pleasure to see the enthusiasm, excitement and determination shown by the pupils as they carried out the experiments and made their discoveries. We will be continuing our investigations into “Martian Soils”. We are looking forward to her next visit in June with the Sokol spacesuit. Bernie Newton – Science Lead

4Ws Super Science Workshop with Urenco!

4W really enjoyed the fabulous Urenco Science workshop. The children were really enthusiastic and well behaved during the workshop. All children were engaged and participated well in the science activities.

Wonderful Willow's Winter Fayre

Parents and children alike had a wonderful time at our Winter Fayre. There were lots of activities to do and delicious cakes and treats to eat. Have a look at all the fun we had! The Fayre was brilliantly organised by Mr Meakin and his fabulous PE Team.​

Special Projects January 2016

Year 5 have produced some amazing projects on Space. They have been in different formats, ranging from posters, 3D models, powerpoint presentations and information leaflets. Well done Year 5! 🙂

Year 5 - Mini Enterprise

Year 5 have excelled themselves this term. They have formed companies, designed, produced, marketed and sold their own products. We are proud to announce that every single group made a profit. All profits will be going towards their trips in the Summer Term!

Year 5 - Farm to Fork Trips

Year 5 completed food trails, tasting activities and during their recent trip. They enjoyed learning about healthy foods and nutrition when they visited Tesco!

Boccia Tournament

Boccia tournament for Marish and Willow at Montem Leisure Centre.

Eton Graduation 2015

69 Children from Willow primary graduated at the 5th Slough Children’s University Graduation at Eton on 25th June 2015 The Children’s University™ is a national project which recognizes the achievements of young people who take part in high quality out of hours learning activities. The Children’s University aims to promote social mobility by providing high quality, exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours to children aged 7 to 14 (and 5 and 6 year olds with their families) and engaging the wider communities as learning partners in the realisation of this.This is an opportunity to congratulate the parents as well that have supported and motivated their children in engaging in out of hours activities. Keep up the good work!